How Does This Work?

Needlepoint Destashing


Tastes change, children grow, eyes age (and aren't so keen on 18M anymore), and sometimes you're left with a stash of canvases you can't see yourself stitching. If you're ready to reduce your stash and take in some cash, we're here to help! Gather up any stash (canvases, instructional books, threads are all welcome) that you'd like to rehome and ship it to us. When we receive your package, we create an inventory sheet that outlines what was received, the retail price of each item, sale price at 30% off, and what your proceeds will be if it sells at that price. We are currently averaging 3+ weeks for inventory sheet creation from the time your package is received.

We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency. We handle every aspect of selling your stash from start to finish - photographing, measuring, listing, processing payment, packaging, and shipping! Each package is sent through the United States Postal Service, and a tracking number is provided to the buyer. Our packages are truly a treat to open! Our goal is to make receiving a destashed canvas the highlight of someone's day.

We charge a flat 35% commission on the selling price. No listing fees, no processing fees, none of the hassle of Ebay because we don't sell on Ebay. We use this website, and our social media accounts.

We issue payout checks for sold items at the beginning of each month, but can alternately issue payment through PayPal if you prefer (PayPal does charge you a processing fee to receive money). Your check comes directly from Wells Fargo (so that you know what envelope to keep an eye out for!) There is no time limit for your items to sell - they are welcome to stay listed in the Webstore until they do. If you would like to markdown your listings from their original pricing to move them back into the spotlight, email and let us know.

Things we do not accept:



  • Penelope mesh 
  • Anything with an odor (smoking, strong pet odor etc)
  • Dimensions/Sunset/ craft store style kits
  • Counted Kits with any stitching started
  • Partially used threads (with the exception of them being paired with a partially stitched canvas)
  • Joan Thomasson Kits
  • wool (Paternayan/Appleton/etc)
  • Perle Cotton/Floss (we currently have a surplus)
  • rugs
  • stretcher bars (if you ship a canvas that is on stretcher bars, we will remove them for you)
  • kit keepers/tote bags
  • lights
  • coffee table style books (non-instructional books)
  • needleminder magnets
  • finished items
  • counted charts with original retail below $20
  • magazines
  • small accessories (needles/scissors/fobs) with the exception of Gingher scissors

Ready to ship some stash? Put your goodies in a box and include a note with your contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address) then ship it to:

Amber Manfredi
4129 W Questa Drive
Glendale, AZ 85310

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

(480) 389-4327