Secret Stitcher

Secret Stitcher

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Have you ever felt the happy glow of finding that the person in front of you in line at a coffee shop bought your beverage? We were brainstorming a fun way to do a similar "pay it forward" program that lets stitchers secretly treat each other to a little surprise. 

Secret Stitcher is an option to buy an ornament sized canvas that is then secretly gifted to the order after yours. We'll curate them to be a fun addition to go along with whatever they've purchased, and include a note that they've received this present from a Secret Stitcher! 

(Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, what you are buying is gifted to someone else. You do not receive a canvas yourself with this purchase.)

Secret Stitcher canvases can be purchased by themselves - no need to only add on to an order! There is no shipping charge for Secret Stitcher canvases.