I would like a Needlepoint Shop to kit threads for me (10% off retail - cost TBD)

Needlepoint Destashing

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We love and support Local Needlepoint Shops! We've just partnered up with a few to offer thread kitting services for canvases. Having your canvas kitted for threads will extend your delivery timeframe a bit, as we ship to Shops once a week. Once they receive your canvas, they will pull threads and contact you regarding cost and payment. All threads are offered at 10% off retail when partnered with a Destashed canvas. We will contact you at the number provided with your order to discuss your thread preferences, or you can answer the following questions in your order notes:

  1. What types of threads are your favorite?
  2. What type of threads do you NOT want to use?
  3. Do you want bling including beads, sequins, etc?
  4. Do you ply threads?
  5. What is your stitching level? (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

Please note that thread purchases have the same terms as canvas purchases - all sales are final.

You'll find a checkbox in your cart for adding threads - check it before checkout and the wheels will be in motion!

If we do not receive a response from you about your thread preferences within a week of your purchase, your canvas will be shipped directly to you without kitting. Feel free to call immediately when you make a purchase if you're eager to discuss your threads!